Pulsar 79

As a Genesis project, Pulsar 79
draws inspiration from the first wave of Video Games from the 70s. Inspired by Vector based Arcade games combined with procedural generation and with a touch of modern innovations, this project shows the potential of using ownership of generative, interactive art.



A thousand worlds, all familiar, different, but connected. You find yourself in a closed environment with only one direction to go. It feels like you have been here before, but things are different. With only one way to go, you need to find your way out of this place. Multiple rooms with multiple obstacles, different pickups to improve along the way, only one objective.

Explore your own unique version of the game, get the highest possible high score, or make it a speedrun and get the fastest time you can!

Feature List

  • Multi Platform

    Linux (+Chromebook), Mac OSX and Windows support

  • Completely unique games

    Procedurally generated color schemes, levels and feature choice tied to a single NFT.

  • Original low/8-bit soundtrack by a mystery artist under their new pseudonym: Terinoa

  • Fully On-Chain!

    ERC-721 smart contract on the ethereum network, Data hosted on the arweave permaweb through ardrive and Game communication through the Etherscan API.

Available on OpenSea

Available now! on secondary market.

Token Details

We will mint 1000 publicly available tokens as we go, with some special tokens which we will reveal in the future. The tokens are capped at 1025 total.

Token Contract


How to play?

The Pulsar79 images are actually png's with a hidden zip file! The zip contains the native game clients for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. We then use authentication in our game client to authenticate the ownership of the token. Each game is signed with its individual token. This means that you will need to own at least token '79' in your wallet to play the game client for that token.

Once you have your token, you can download the game by going to your token on OpenSea, fullscreen the image, right-click and save-as the image. This will result in a file of about 90/100 MB. Depending on your operating system use one of these extracting methods:

Windows: Open the image with 7Zip, Winrar or similar and extract, renaming to zip can help but should not be required

Mac OSX or Linux: run 'unzip 79.png' in terminal (without quotes) in the correct folder (79 being subsituted with your own token).

For additional help please join the Discord and check the #Support channel!